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I'm getting the start date as the first date generated from any recurrance rule

for example, for this rule:


I would expect to get 6 Sundays, starting with the first sunday after
11/30/2005, but instead, using your GenerateOccurrences() function, I’m

11/30/2005, 12/4/2005, 12/11/2005, 12/18/2005, 12/25/2005, 1/1/2006

11/30/2005 is not a Sunday… What am I doing wrong? Does
something need to be added to the rule? This is happening for all
my occurance rules.



If you go thru some old posts, you’ll see that this IS a part of the Standard.

You need to set your start date, to an actual occurrence of the date. Or run some logic to eliminate the day.

Search the posts for the “official” response. It has been addressed multiple times.