Image Captions in Aspose-Cells


I add added a Picture and added a Text:
worksheet.getPictures().get(0).setText(“my Text”);
The Picture is added in the right Position but i wondered what the setText() method does.
Is there a possibility to add a caption to the Picture?



Thanks for your query.

How could you do this in Ms Excel manually? If you can accomplish the task, share the sample file (containing the picture with your desired caption), we will check it on how to do it via Aspose.Cells APIs.

Picture class extends Shape class so its properties/methods would automatically come under it. The setText() is used for TextBox object which sets the text for the shape.


I wondered if it is even possible to do it in Excel because i saw the setText() method. I think its not possible.



Yes, your understanding is correct. In the event of any further queries or issue, feel free to contact us any time, we will be happy to assist you soon.