Image file stream in aspose.pdf



I am using ChartFX to create my chart as a stream and assign this to the File property of Imageinfo. ChImage2.ImageInfo.File.

Basically, the following URL creates a image file for me and I am assigning the same to the File property.

string strURL = http://localhost/ImageHolder.aspx?QID=1&UserValues=" 3.0,4.0,5.5,4.2&charttype=Standard";


When I try to execute the URL seperately, the image size is 6k only. I have 36 images in my PDF file. My PDF is a 28 page document. After this dynamic image insert process the size of the PDF is 12 MB. If I create the PDF without the chart images, the size of the PDF is only 40 KB.

Is there an other efficient way to insert image stream to an XML file and create PDF?

I hope u can understand my problem.



Dear Jay,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Which kind of image do you use? Can you please provide one of your image and let me test it?