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Image in Header getting chopped off in Save as PDF

Two issues are keeping me from going ahead and switching to Aspose.Words from our current vendor.

  1. I have put an image in the header. It is correctly sized in the original docx but not in the saved pdf.
  2. I have spaced three columns (cells in a table) on the footer. They are correctly spaced in footer in the original docx but not in the saved pdf.

Please advise asap.

As far as issue #1 - for yucks, I widened the cell from the original width of the image, padding it an extra 100 points, and its now showing full image.


Please ZIP and attach your input Word document(s) and Aspose.Words generated PDF document(s) showing the undesired behavior here for testing. We will then investigate the issues on our end and provide you more information.

I don’t see where to attach the zip. Anyway, I determined that for issue #2, saving it then reloading it between making the edits and converting to PDF was causing the misalignment. It seems like there’s a lot of illogical influence in each step so getting things right is very painstaking.


Simply click Reply button. You can find an Upload button in the window where you type replies.

Or if your file size is big, you can upload the ZIP file to Dropbox and share the download link here for testing. (253.6 KB)

Here is the sample. I think I figured it out by painstaking trial and error.
Now I’m trying to figure out why there’s an extra line of space after the table I’ve inserted into my header, which is causing the header to overlap the body of the page. It’s happening on the footer too. The last thing I do is call EndTable().


Thanks for your inquiry. We tested the scenarios and have managed to reproduce the same problems on our end. For the sake of corrections, we have logged the following issues in our issue tracking system.

Issue ID for this problem is: WORDSNET-17445

Issue ID for this problem is: WORDSNET-17446

We will further look into the details of these problems and will keep you updated on the status of corrections. We apologize for your inconvenience.

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