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Image issue

On a technical note, we are trying to manipulate an existing Excel spreadsheet using the Aspose.Excel library. We are experiencing some difficulties as the spreadsheet contains images, and the images are not
saved after the spreadsheet is manipulated. Is there a known issue or a work around to this problem?


Hi George,

Thanks for your consideration. Which version are you using? The latest hotfix is download it and have a try.

If the problem still exists, could you email your designer spreadsheet(the template file) to me? And if possible, please also email your code to me.


What is the solution?

I am having the problem with converting excel to pdf, where all my image will be lost. Is there any way I can fix this?

Can I open the pdf I just converted, and add the image back in without destory anything else? If so, please inform or … is there any sample code you can show me?

Thank you

Xls2Pdf doesn’t support to convert the images. You can insert the images using Aspose.Pdf. Please check the documentation of Aspose.Pdf for reference. This is a reference link at