Image: Mergefield help


I am using Word 97 for a mailmerge template. I cannot find a way to enter the Image:XXX merge field which is required in the Aspose doc. for using the MergeImageFieldEventHandler. It needs to be an image because I am putting a barcode image in the document. My only guess at this point is that Word '97 doesn't support the Image mergefield capability. (In Word, the Insert->Field->Mail Merge gives a list of fields, none of which has an Image or Graphic capability. If I label a column of merge data "IMAGE:barcode_data" then the insert merge field puts in "┬źIMAGEbarcode_data┬╗.")

Any advice on how to make this work ? Thanks.


Image:XXX is just got to be a name for the merge field. The Image: prefix is recognized by Aspose.Words only. It has no meaning for Microsoft Word itself. I run Microsoft Word 97, select Insert Field, MERGEFIELD and type Image:XXX and it enters it okay into the document.


Thank you Roman, it was embarrassingly simple if I had just entered:

MERGEFIELD Image:barcode_data where the merge data input file has Image:barcode_data as one of the fields.