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Image not showing in mail merge header


I'm doing a relatively straightforward mail merge using the Aspose.Words.jdk14.jar from Java. I'm merging using a template with a header graphic, but the image isn't showing in the merged document

I've attached the relative template FLCONCPS.doc. I haven't attached code for the mail merge as it's pretty basic doc.getMailMerge().execute(...) stuff, that appears to work with other examples.



Please also attach the resulting document, where the image is not shown.


Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for the quick response. Please see attached document...



Hi, Alan

It’s all right with your docs, just Java release doesn’t support images yet. Estimated schedule for images feature is about 2-3 month.

Best Regards,

Hi Konstantin,

Thanks again for the quick response. We've been very happy with the functionality provided by the product, it's ease of use and the support, but the lack of image support a big problem for us Crying [:'(] - we need to be able to produce letters with embedded graphices - logos, signatures, etc.

We're limited to using the jdk14.jar as we're developing on WebSphere Studio Application Developer v5.1.1 (which uses IBM 1.4.2 JDK) and upgrading the JDK is not an option for us. Is there any workaround we could use in the meantime e.g. importing in classes from the 1.5 jdk?

How definite is the 2-3 month timescale you mention? The reason I ask is that we need this functionality in a future release of our product and that timescale could be critical for us in choosing to go with Aspose.Words or to look at other options. From a developer's point of view, I'm a bit disappointed as it seems to be streets ahead of anything else in the market!

Thanks again,


Hi Alan,

Thank you for your interest and appreciation of Aspose.Words for Java – in fact i liked it too:)

Although jdk1.5 is baseline but jdk1.4’s functionality doesn’t differ from jdk1.5 at all – it’s because jdk1.4 option generated automatically from jdk1.5 source in deployment stage.

Moreover, jdk1.5 code itself is a very straightforward port of C# code of Aspose.Words for .Net. This gets two main points: 1) Aspose.Words for Java becomes mature just from scratch, thanks for years of commercial use Aspose.Words for .Net; 2) the high speed of development of java option. In fact, our porting process is very formal and straightforward.

About timeline i can say in detail: 1) within this week we launch new java release that will include new options and bugfixes from .Net option (within currently implemented functionality scope); 2) then we will finalize ours api doc subproject - some kind of customized javadoc that will be much more convenient for Aspose.Words customers than standard javadoc (and will be generated completely from .Net api doc:) – this takes about two weeks; 3) and right after that we schedule to begin porting of images module. From previous experience we know that it’s taking about 1-2 month for poring of one module. Images module is not very complex because we don’t need to understand numerous image formats – we have to just insert image placeholders in the right place inside the doc. So 2-3 month schedule is very close.

Best Regards,

Hi Konstantin,

Having Aspose Words Java image support is incredibly critical to our project. Can you confirm that images will be in the next release of Aspose Java? Your solution is so elegant that it would be shame to have to choose another solution.



Hi, Martin,

Yes, i can confirm that we don’t change our plans yet:). By now we finalizing ours java api doc subproject, and images will be next. I want to go on leave in august-september and no way in october:)).

Best Regards,


Any update on the October delivery date for the Java version? We are dependent on image support in Aspose.Words for Java. Right now, all I need is to be able to open an existing document that contains images, modify the document slightly (remove a few paragraphs), and save the document. The images seem to disappear from the saved document, even though I did not modify anything in the area around the images. I would like to have the images remain in the modified document. Is there anything I can try in the mean time?



Yes, October is our current estimate.

What’s the current estimate for this release? We need to be able to support images in documents also.


Will the next Java release include support for office drawings & embedded objects?


Next Java release will support at least JPG, BMP and PNG images. Microsoft’s metafiles (WMF and EMF) are under construction and there is a little probability that they will have been delayed for about 1-2 weeks.


So these will be in the release planned for the end of this month?


Yes, Aspose.Words for Java release planned for the end of this month will support at least JPG, BMP and PNG images.


Thank you.