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Image position not used

I’m trying to convert a word document to a msg file but I’m running into problems with images and abolute and relative positions.
As a test I’ve made a word document (which is included) which has some shapes (which will be handled as image) added in the document and a table just to see how the placement is done.
When saving it to a html document everything goes fine. I’m using the normal html save formate because fixedhtml seems to cause even more problems.
I use the following saveoptions (I use php and the php/javabridge):

$saveoptions = new Java(“com.aspose.words.HtmlSaveOptions”);
$headerfootermodes = new Java(“com.aspose.words.ExportHeadersFootersMode”);
$htmlelementsizeoutputmode = new Java(“com.aspose.words.HtmlElementSizeOutputMode”);

Now when I try to load the document as a msg file from html it goes okay but for some reason the alignment of the images is changed compared to the generated html document. From what I can see the problem lies mostly in image which are aligned to the paragraph but I’m not 100% sure.

Inlcuded are the word document I used, the generated html document and the generated msg document.
Could you tell me what I’m doing wrong or how I can get the images to show up at the right place?


Thank you for writing to Aspose support team again.

This issue is reproduced and logged under Id: EMAILJAVA-34203 for further investigation by the product team. You will be automatically notified once any update is received in this regard.

Any update on this issue?


We have investigated the issue at our end and found it to be due to the different working rendering engine in IE and MS Office. The HTML content of message is not changed by Aspose.Email. You can save the resultant message in HTML format and see correct result in Internet Explorer. Also you can open input html and mhtml files by MS Word and see the same bug as in Outlook.

Thank you for the information.
How would you sugest we convert word documents to email messages then?


We are sorry but there is no other option we can suggest in this regard. We appreciate your understanding in this regard.