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Image rendering problem


Note: The RenderImage.aspx will render an image from the database based on the id.

I am using DocumentBuilder.InsertHTML to render html. If that html includes any image tag like the below then its giving NoImage (Resource not found) error.

But if i used like the below then its comming properly

Note: In the above two urls, both are pointing to the same. But one accessed by ip address and another one is through localhost.

This error is only happening on production server (Windows 2003). I am not able to reproduce in other system (I tried on WindowsXP and Windows 2003).

May i know what might be causing the problem?



As far as I remember this issue was already discussed in

<A href="</A></P> <P>The problem is caused by the configuration of your server and is not related to Aspose.Words component. Please contact your system administrator on this issue.</P> <P>Best regards,</P>


I already communicated with my administrator. He was not able to solve. Thats why i came back to u. Please guide me on this. Or give me some sample code which shows how exactly the rendering happening inside builder.InsertHTML. I am not able to reproduce the error. Otherwise i might findout by myself. And I am not blaming u. I am asking ur help to get out of this problem.




As you understand, we are unable to reproduce an error like this either. So only common suggestions are available in this situation. If you have read the old thread Vladimir referred in his post, you might have noticed the answer to your question about the approach we use to access images inside InsertHtml:

With regard to the problem itself, it apparently has to do with some configuration settings of your application, not Aspose.Words. We use the standard approach involving the WebRequest and WebResponse classes to load an image from HTTP. I tried to load an image from localhost using InsertHtml and I succeeded whatever I specified in the URL, either "localhost" or "". Please try to load the image from your URL using WebRequest and WebResponse and if it fails, review your configuration.

So, have you managed to give a try to access your image by involving those classes?