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Image size is distortede when inserted

When inserting pictures into cells, the pictures do not keep their original size, but is reduced to height: 100% width: 55%. How can I make sure that the original size is used?

I have sent an example Excel sheet where you can see the result (Subject: Image size is distortede when inserted)

I use the following code to insert the picture:

Private Sub InsertPicture(ByVal RowNumber As Integer, ByVal ColumnNumber As Integer, ByVal Image As String, Optional ByVal IncrementLeft As Integer = 0, Optional ByVal IncrementTop As Integer = 0)
Dim Range As Aspose.Excel.Range
Dim Picture As Aspose.Excel.Picture
Dim PicturePos As Integer

PicturePos = WorkBookSheet.Pictures.Add(RowNumber, ColumnNumber, Image)

Picture = WorkBookSheet.Pictures(PicturePos)

If IncrementLeft <> 0 Then
Picture.Left = IncrementLeft
End If
If IncrementTop <> 0 Then
Picture.Top = IncrementTop
End If

Picture = Nothing
Catch ex As Exception
Throw New DanskeException(“RES_EXCELPRINTERROR”, ex)
End Try
End Sub


I will check this issue right now.


I fixed it and please download the latest hotfix and have a try.