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Image support for mail merge


Will support for documents for images be available (shortly)? I really enjoy the product but we NEED to be able to do a simple mail merge with a Word template that contains images.


Andreas Granstedt

In the Java version …

Full support for images in Aspose.Words for Java is our priority. Current estimate 2-3 months.


What's the current estimate, or is it already available?

It will be available somewhere later this year. Cannot provide exact estimate yet.

In march, the estimate was 2-3 months and based upon this we've built in Aspose in the mail merge support in our CRM-system. We cannot release the new version as the image support does not work.

When will this feature be available? I have to get a deadline or else we have to look at other options.

We will purchase Aspose.Words as soon as this feature is available.

Our current estimate is October 2006. We delayed the porting of images support because we are implementing a much richer support for graphics in our .NET version now. Sorry for inconvenience.

Do you know when in October?

Andreas Granstedt

It’s most likely the end of October.