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Images in .doc saved as PDF - poor screen resolution

We are creating a Word file (using the latest version of Aspose.Words) from HTML and then saving a copy as a .pdf. The HTML includes a single img tag along w/ some lightly formatted text.

The resulting PDF shows a very blurry/low res version of the image - which appears to print well (it just looks bad on the screen.)

If we save as a doc or docx - the image looks (and prints) fine.

Is there anything we can do to improve the quality of the screen pdf image? We’ve tried using gif, jpg and png versions of the image (at several resolutions) and it always looks the same.

Attached is a png showing how the image/logo looks on the screen (on the left) and how it looks when printed (on the right.)


Attached is a zip file w/ the word document and pdf generated by Aspose.Words (I stripped sensitive content from them prior to generation.)

Also included is an (incomplete) code snippet to show how we are generating the documents.


Hi Bill,
Thank you for additional information. Images in your document are PNG images. Aspose.Words does nothing with PNG images upon converting documents to PDF. So quality must be the same as in input document. I suppose, you see the difference because PDF reader and MS Word use different codecs to display the image. To make sure, you can convert your MS Word document to PDF using MS Word and you will see that the images looks the same in PDFs produced by Aspose.Words and MS Word.
Best regards,

I can use something other than PNG files - I have complete control over my image. Is there anything that can be done to improve this?

Thanks for your request. You can use some vector image, EMF or WMF for example. Vector images will look much better than raster in PDF.
Best regards,

Just ran another test and it seems that Aspose.Words does have some issue saving to PDF.

Attached are 3 files:

TestLogo.doc - the source MS Word Document
TestLogo.pdf - this is a PDF saved directly from Word
Test2.pdf - this is a PDF saved by Aspose.Words where I open the Word DOC and then simply save as a PDF.

If you look - the logo image looks great in the WORD document and the Word generated PDF. The Aspose PDF looks rough.

No HTML here - just straight Word to PDF conversion.

Is this a shortcoming of the tool? Or is something than can be corrected through a particular setting?

Thanks for your assistance.

Thank you for additional information. But I see the exactly opposite picture, i.e. logo looks great in PDF produced by Aspose.Words, but rough in PDF generated by MS Word. Please see the attached screenshot.
Best regards,

I have confirmed that the PDFs I sent look different on different machines (which explains how we see the opposite results.) I now believe it has to do w/ PDF Reader Version and will chase that.

Thank you a ton for your help!

Hi Bill,
Thank you for additional information. Just for your information. I use Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.4.6 on my side.
Best regards,