Images in ePub

Question 1:

Is there a best practice guide who explains how to insert images in a word doc and maintain their position in the text? I have converted a word doc to ePub and in some places the text is above the image.

See for an example:

Is there a way to force the image to stay between the textlines?

There must be a way because some images in the same ePub file are correctly inserted between the text.

Question 2:

When Aspose creates an ePub file it generates a small cover thumbnail of the first page of the word document. Is there a way to adjust the small thumbnail image because often this image is not centered?

Thanks for the help!


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  1. Aspose.Words does not support positioning floating shapes upon converting document to HTML based formats, like HTML, MHTML and EPUB. So during creating a document try avoiding using floating shapes, please use inline shapes instead.
  2. As I can see Aspose.Words does not generate thumbnails inside EPUB documents. Would you please attach sample document here for testing? I will check it and provide you more information.
    Best regards.