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Images not being embedded during conversion

I have a bunch of HTML files that are saved with the .doc extension. They contain image tags that point back to images stored on the SharePoint server. This includes images in the /_layout/ path running on the front end servers, as well as images stored in the data base (these occur when a user includes images in a field that allows enhanced RTF). In any case, when using ASPOSE.Words for Sharepoint to convert these files (into .DOCX or .PDF), the images aren’t being embedded. What can be done to fix this problem?

Hi Garth,

Thanks for your inquiry. This problem is probably caused by the fact that the image file was not available to Aspose.Words on the time of conversion. Please note that Aspose.Words uses standard file access functions to load and insert images into Word document. Could you please double check if the path to your image files is correct and accessible when querying through web browser’s URL bar?

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