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Images without connector and small letters


we try to make 2 Images, a SVG and a PNG, but the outputted File doesn’t Contains the connectors and the letters are much smaller than in the VSDX File. That Program we write is for use a CSV File, that CSV contains diffrent informations about the shapes lenght, X and Y Positions and so on.
The generated Files are need to upload it on a SharePoint server.

If we opend the File before we saved it with Aspose, we see that the connector doesn’t set in the SVG or PNG file, (if we don’t open the File befor we save, theres are set, but maybe invisible, see attachment at connectors point).

DiagramGenerator.zip (209.7 KB)

In the upload you will find at “All Files” directory the created and needed Files. The CSV files for create new VSDX and the required File “Vorlage.vsdx”.

I hope you can help us.


Your project has a reference to DependencyDiagramCommon assembly which is not being recognized. Kindly send us this assembly and it would be great if you can simplify the use case and cut off all additional process. We will investigate and share our findings with you.

Sorry for that, its now uploaded.

DependencyDiagramCommon.zip (727 Bytes)


We have tried your project application in our environment and could find a file BetriebSAPSystemlandschaftPD4Positionen.csv which you are using in the code. Kindly split use cases and simplify this project application, and then share the Zip of this project again. We will investigate and share our findings with you.

I have made a new version of the “vorlage.vsdx”, its called “VorlageA3.vsdx” and its in the uploaded directory. After i have made this new version of template, in the images the connectors are now visible. I guess thats because i have manipulate the connector in the former file and now it was just added to the template, but the problem of fontsize and color ist still current.

The getCSV method are used for the scaling program its an old part and was used to debug. I have written for you to
use and test the programm a few new lines.

Just comment the Database part in the DependencyDiagramScale (Lines 430-448):

        List<string> anwendungsnamen;
        using (DBConnection4AnwendungDataContext dbconn = new DBConnection4AnwendungDataContext())
            var names = from anwendung
                        in dbconn.OtCmdbVerbund
                        where anwendung.RefCiType.ToLower() == "anwendung" && anwendung.Name != null && anwendung.Name != ""
                        select anwendung.Name;
            anwendungsnamen = names.Distinct().ToList();

        foreach (var item in anwendungsnamen)
            xHasSetList = new List<double>();
            yHasSetList = new List<double>();
            yShapeLenght = 0;
            xShapeLenght = 0;


And use the startScaling function like: startScaling("");

In the startScaling method is a variable named “debugMode”. If that is true you can use the line 311 with:

shapes = getCSV(@“CSVDataNameAndPathFromTheUploadedFile.csv”, seperator);

That should work now.
You will find the latest version of the program, with color and dynamic fontscaling.

generator.zip (39.7 KB)

Thanks for your help.


In this Zip file, there are total 4 directories and each one contains multiple code files. It is difficult to understand the flow of code execution. Kindly merge all files into a single runnable project application which reproduces the said problem in your local environment, and then share a Zip of this project. We will investigate and share our findings with you.

Heres the complete programm until the license, the needed CSV files are in the former upload, a instruction to use are in my former post.

DependencyDiagramGenerator.zip (1.1 MB)


We are investigating your project applications and will get back to you soon.