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Import chart from designerfile


i have read the forum about importing charts from designerfile and found following entry:

"Currently the charts read from designer file and charts set by chart api is separated.
Chart read from design file cannot be manipulated by api.
You can set everything of chart in your designer file, then input data to the data source cell. Then the result file will contain the changed data and result chart.
Laurence Chen"

Does this mean i can not import any chart of the designerfile?
What to do when i will set the “datasource range” for my existing chart in the desinerfile?
Any workarounds? Because of i don’t want to setup the whole chart from code…


Currently you can import all charts from your designer file. You can change the data for those charts but cannot change the data source range at run time.

For example, the data source range of chart in designer file is A1:B3. You can change values in A1 to B3 but cannot change the data source range to F1:G3 at run time.

If you want to change data source range, you have to make the whole chart from code.

I am thinking of fully combine charts in designer file with code at run time. But it’s sophisticated and I don’t think it could be available in a short time.