Import dataview/datatable into worksheet datetime formatting problem



I'm using aspose.cells to import data from a datatable or dataview into a spreadsheet. Now, everything is working fine/fast, but the import does not take into account the datatype of the DataColumns being imported. So after the import has been done, I need to scan the datasource for datetime columns, and change the format of the imported data cell by cell (which is overhead I would like to avoid), because the datetime values are shown as numbers. Also, I need to pick a specific format by setting the Style.Type to a certain style.

So the question is twofold:

1. Can the import detect the datatype of the columns it is importing and set it in the worksheet accordingly?

2. Can the DateTime be set so it will use the regional settings of the user to display the datetime?




Hi Phil,

Please try to use this Cells.ImportDataTable method: .