Import error

Hello Kashif,

Please go to

username kmurphy

password asposetest1

Click on "copy of test1" under "open an existing project"

From there on the right side column click on "export to MS Project (XML)This will create the xml file that I sent to you.

You will be able to import the xml file into MSP2013. If you then save the file as a mpp then re-open the mpp file you will see the issue.

Is this what you need or will you need the source code?


Hi Kevin,

We need the source code that you have used to generate the XML file, so that we can see the steps that have been used leading to creation of this issue.

Hello Kashif,

I am told this is the piece of the code that generates the .xml file

Please go to

It is line 205 a function called exportProject().

I hope this is what you need.



Hi Kevin,

I’m afraid but that didn’t help us. What I can see from the code at line 205 is that it is using Aspose.Tasks only to export the Project file in XML format for the user. This doesn’t give any indication if this Project (that is to be exported) is created with Aspose.Tasks or not? If yes, we’ll be in need of the code used to generate this project file which is later exported to XML.

I would suggest you to create a new thread, mention the website link, username and password in that, and provide additional details in that thread as well. Meanwhile, I’ll discuss this with our development team and see if we can get to some clue from the structure of exported XML file for a solution.

We are sorry for the continuous inconvenience caused to you in this regard and will try our best to find the cause of this issue for a solution.