Improving speed using paging

Hello, in Aspose.Grid.Web, there is a big slowdown when using the paging.

i.e. if I have a spreadsheet with about 1000 lines and set paging to 200 lines, it will show me 5 pages (correct).
when I first load the page it is very fast. but, when I change the page, it will slow down so much, I believe that it happens by the upload of the data that I have in the first page.

There is a possibility to Grid.Web send all the data for the spreadsheet when I first load the page, so there is no need to upload data when I change the page, and only send the data back when I change the spreadsheet.

Maybe a option to change between load all the data or by parts is a good idea.


Rudolf G├╝tlich
Delsis Eng.

Hi Rudolf,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Well, you may try to minimize the GridWeb.PageSize property. This will improve the performance.

Thank you.


With large grid, set GridWeb.EnableSmartNavigation to false will improve performance.

Thank you.