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Incorrect DataSet assigned to Tablix

The attached RDL file consist of two datasets each to be used on separate worksheets. When published each spreadsheet contains the same data even though the associated stored procedure is being called twice and return different data.

Looking in the RDL file we can see the following


If we change ActivationDataSet to TerminationDataSet and publish via the Reporting Services web page this works as required. But if we change this via notepad, open in Excel and then publish using the Aspose publishing feature the saved RDL file is changed back to the above.

When selecting the fields for the termination worksheet we did first select the correct dataset before choosing the required fields so believe this may be due to a bug. Can you help.




Sorry for the late reply.

We had checked your provided report define file. You have used Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices client to design your report. The report define file which is designed by Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices client does not support to directly modify report define file. You have to use Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices Client to re-design your report.

Thank you.

Thank you for you reply.

We do not want to modify the file notepad we only want to do so via the reporting client tool but this is not working.There is a bug in it which creates a wrong line with the rdl file which means that the same data is populated on both pages of the spreadsheet.

This is easy to reproduce.
1. Open Excel
2. Add a DataSource
3. Add DataSet1
4. Add DataSet2
5. Place fields form DataSet1 on Sheet1
6. Set the attribute to define the area of the table on Sheet1
7. Place fields from DataSet2 on Sheet2
8. Set the attribute to define the are of the table on Sheet2
9. Save

If you want you can publish the RDL file (using Aspose) and you will see that both Sheet1 and Sheet2 contain the same data.

Alternatively, open the RDL file in notepad and search for . There will be two and both will have the same DataSet, which is wrong. One should be DataSet1 the other DataSet2.

Do you have any idea when this bug will be fixed?



Hi Phil,

We had checked your reply. We test sample case for changing dataset. It can be published. Following points needs to be taken care:

1. Remove attribute for table through Modify Attribute Button before re-setting attribute.

2. Report item name must be different with dataset name.

If still the issue persist, please send us your modified report define file.


I have deleted the attributes and added them back. One was called ActivatonReport the other TerminationReport. Unfortunately the problem is still present. Both tables use the same DataSet name, which is wrong, and the spreadsheet created contains the same data on both sheets, which is also wrong.

Please follow my instructions previously posted to recreate and you will see the RDL file “always” contains an error. Both tables use the same dataset name when they should use different data sets.

If you beleive this is okay could you please follow my previous instructions to recreate and email me your RDL file to help convince me the client tool does work correctly.



Hi Phil,

We had checked the reports send by you define file and publish to report server. We had a test on first report define file. The test details are given below.

1. Use Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices client to open SimRequests.rdl file.
Refer to image01.jpg in the images attachment.

2. Click 'Modify Attribute' button and check report attribute.
Refer to image02.jpg in the images attachment.

3. Delete Activation and Termination report items and close Modify Attribute form.
Refer to image03.jpg in the images attachment.

4. Select Dataset and re-set field.
Refer to image04.jpg, image04_1.jpg in the images attachment.

5. Click Set Attribute button and reset attribute of Activation and Termination.

6. Click Save Report button and save report as SimRequests_AsposeTest.rdl. select 2008 report define format to save.
Refer to image06.jpg in the images attachment.

7. Click Publish Report button and publish SimRequests_AsposeTest.rdl file to report server.
Refer to image07.jpg in the images attachment.

8. Use notepad to open SimRequests_AsposeTest.rdl file.

9. Check Tablix report item bind data set name.



Thank you for you reply.

Could you tell me what I am doing wrong in the attached sequence of photos as this very simple example shows it does not work and there is a bug in the client tool

I am using v1.5.3 with Office 2007 and have tried on 2 computers. Also following your instructions with the orginal file does not work here.



Hi Phil,

After going through your last reply. We suggest you to follow the follwoings.

1. Again download version 1.5.3 and re-install. Check Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices.dll version at ${installation folder}\bin folder .

2. Modify Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices.xml debug parameter. Re-desgin your report and send the Aspose.Cells.ReportingServices.log to us.

3. Also, please tell us how do you get or create dataset?



I have been off work for a week so could not try sooner.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and can confirm the version of the dlls is v1.5.3.0. The problem still persists.

Unfortunately I do not have time to continue investigating at present so will no live with the problem and hope it goes away in a future update.

Thanks for your help