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Incorrect formatting of image after resaving the presentation file

Using aspose.slides for java 21.5.
When I load and then just save pptx file back - formatting of the output file changes: all images seems to be given bevel (where in source file they are flat).
Input/output files attached.
Code snippet to reproduce this is very straighforward:

    final String inputFolder = "/tmp/";
    final String inputFileName = "bevel_issue.pptx";
    License license = new License();
    license.setLicense(new ByteArrayInputStream(LICENSE_INFO.getBytes()));
    Presentation presentation = new Presentation(inputFolder + inputFileName); + inputFileName + "_resaved3.pptx" , SaveFormat.Pptx); (771.7 KB)

Thank you for the issue description. I reproduced the problem and logged the issue with ID SLIDESJAVA-38550 in our tracking system. Our development team will investigate this case. You will be notified when it is fixed.