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INDIRECT formula does not work when generated in XLSB

Aspose team,

I’m running into another XLSB problem. Take a look at the attached program. It generates two workbooks, one XLSB and one XLSX.

Each workbook contains a formula in cell A3, which uses INDIRECT to calculate A1 * A2:


Open the XLSX generated by the attached program and change A1 or A2, and A3 is automatically re-calculated.

In the XLSB version, if you change A1 or A2, A3 is not automatically recalculated. You have to change the formula and hit enter for it to recalc.

Under different circumstances I would simply remove the INDIRECT function, but I need to use it in order to eliminate #REF! formula issues due to dragging/dropping cells.

I am using Aspose.Cells .NET v6.


Hi Jim,

After an initial test using the project
posted by you, I have found the issue as you have mentioned.
When I opened the generated XLSB file into MS Excel 2007, if I change
the value in A1 or A2, the value in A3 is not re-calculated
automatically. Everything is fine with XLSX file though. I have logged an issue with an id:
CELLSNET-28523. We will figure it out soon.

thank you.


Please try the attached version v6.0.0.1, we have fixed the issue.

Thank you.

Looks like this did the trick.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as 28523) have been fixed in this update.

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