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Insert a doc at a specific location into another one


I will really appreciate some tips about the best option to insert a whole doc at a specific location into another one.

I have a merge field in the dest doc and I use the MoveToMergeField function to go to the point when I need to insert the source doc.
My problem starts here : I can’t figure out how to do the job once I get the right position in the dest doc.

Could you help please ?


Please try the following method:


/// Inserts content of the external document after the specified node.


/// Node in the destination document where the external document content should be inserted.

/// Document to insert.

public void InsertDocument(Node node, Document doc)


Document dstDoc = node.Document;

Section insertedSection;

int index = node.ParentNode.ChildNodes.IndexOf(node);

foreach (Section section in doc.Sections)


insertedSection = (Section)dstDoc.ImportNode(section, true, ImportFormatMode.KeepSourceFormatting);

foreach (Node insertedNode in insertedSection.Body.ChildNodes)


// Only Paragraph or Table nodes can be inserted into Cell or Shape

if (insertedNode is Paragraph || insertedNode is Table)


// Do not insert node if it is a last empty paragarph in the section.

if (insertedNode is Paragraph && insertedNode == section.Body.LastChild && insertedNode.ToTxt().Equals(string.Empty))


node.ParentNode.ParentNode.ChildNodes.Insert(++index, insertedNode.Clone(true));