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Insert an Aspose Chart into a Word document

Do you have any sample code which shows how to create a Chart using Aspose.Chart and insert it into a Word document using Aspose.Words?

This is the last lap of our Aspose evaluation. The Word Automation application we are currently trying to replace has the following features:

- Manipulates a Word document using Word Automation to replace text in bookmarks and table cells (OK with Aspose.Words)
- Manipulates an MSGraph chart object embedded in the Word document using MSGraph Automation (see below)
- Concatenates with other Word documents
- Converts to PDF (OK with Aspose.Words/Aspose.Pdf)

To replace the MSGraph manipulation, I wanted to generate an Aspose.Chart object and insert it at the appropriate place in a template document. I'm looking for a sample to get me started on this.


It is better to ask Aspose.Chart developers directly using their dedicated forum:

We actually have a ready-to-use example of inserting Aspose.Chart into the document. You can locate it in demos:

C:\Program Files\Aspose\Aspose.Words\Demos\Aspose.Words.Demos.WinForms\Demos\

File name is SalesReportDemo.cs.