Insert barcode in each page


Hi, how can I insert barcodes in each page of a Word Document?



Dear Akshita,

Please refer to the online demo about how to integrate Aspose.Word and Aspose.BarCode:

Feel free to let me know if we can help.



Hi Kyle,

Thanks for your assistance…
I had already gone through your demo…and I could very well insert a Barcode in a Word Document. But, my issue is something else…I need to insert barcodes in EACH page of a (multipage)Word document. Could I do that somehow with your product ??

Please help.



Hi, Akshita,

I have no idea about the multiple document you mentioned. Do you mean the serval different word documents? Or could send me a copy about that?

We are always glad to provide meanful demo, if you provide the details.



Hi Kyle,

I dont mean a multiple Word Document but a multipage Word Document.
I undestand that the product can insert Barcode in a Word Document, but it does so at only one location in the Document. My requirement is that if I have a Document that contains 5 pages, will I be able to insert a Barcode in all the 5 pages of that Document? If yes, then how can I do that? Please let me know if I am still not clear.



Hi Akshita,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

At the moment Aspose.Word does not support direct Page objects since our pagination engine is still under development. So you should somehow mark the locations you need to insert the barcode image to. Note that in the barcode demo DocumentBuilder.MoveToBookmark is used to move to the bookmark before inserting the image. You can use similar functionality to place the image to each page of your document. Just place a bookmark on every page, move to each bookmark using DocumentBuilder.MoveToBookmark and insert the image there.

Another way to insert the image at each document page is defining an image merge field on every page, implementing a mail merge event handler and performing mail merge on the document. See the following topic to learn what image merge fields are and how to implement the handler:

If you are still confused about this issue, please provide more details of your scenario. We are always happy to help you.


Hi DmitryV,

Thanks for the update…
I think DocumentBuilder.MoveToMergefield was a better option for me…

Thanks again…