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Insert content at the top of pages and columns


Looking to implement a process as follow, need to know if Aspose can do this:

- Detect the top of a page, or a top of a column
- Insert some content, possibly made of one, two or tree pieces (paragraphs or table rows)
- Make sure the document re-flows its content
- Repeat the process for the next top of column or top of page (which may have shifted as a result of our previous insert)
- At the end of the process, recalculate TOC and other cross-reference fields in case some page numbers have changed.

We already have all this working in Word VBA. I am looking at moving this server side and therefore considering Aspose.

I need to know if Aspose supports navigating by page and column, which is obviously tightly dependent on rendering. We need very accurate rendering, since after inserting the content at the top of multiple pages and columns, the document will be downloaded client side and opened in Word, where we expect the page flow to be preserved so that the content we inserted is actually located at the top of pages and columns.

Hi Andre,

Thanks for your inquiry. We will appreciate it if you please share your sample input and expected output document here. It will help us to understand your requirement exactly and guide you accordingly.

Best Regards,


before going through the loop of sending examples, let me simplify my question.

I see in the Word API reference navigation methods allowing to go to sections, tables, paragraphs and many other types of objects, but I do not see how we can “go to” a top of page or a top of column. I understand that a top of page can only be determined by a rendering engine which calculates where pages break.

My question is: Can you tell me where, in the API reference, I can find objects or methods supporting page level navigation and operations?

… just before posting my question, I made some research and found this, which seems to be the answer… I will look in this direction…


Hi Andre,

Thanks for your feedback. Please check following example link to work with page layout, hopefully it will help you accomplish your task. However, if the issue persists then as requested above please share your input and expected output here, so we will look into these and will guide you accordingly.

Best Regards,