Insert grid width more than slide


i have a grid whose width is more than the width of slide how can i insert the grid by spliting that in power point it urgent please tell me code



That is not possible to split whole table on separate parts.
You can just change width of table or separate columns.
Also you can create new tables with necessary width and move
all information from old one and after that delete old table.


how can i apply back color,font,size of cell in slides

  1. To set back color for each cell you can use FillFormat property.
    Examples on the Wiki page.

    2. Font can be set in the same way like you do it for text frames.
    Examples also on the Wiki page.

    3. Table class has SetColumnWidth and SetRowHeight functions.
    And also many other usefull properties and functions.

    I’d strongly suggest reading programmer’s guide and API reference.