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Insert image at a marker in slide

Dear Aspose Team,

I have a following request: I have a number of slides with some textual markers within. I need to load this slide and find all markers. Each marker contains definition of formatting for image that needs to be placed in marker’s place. Is this possible? Could you provide a chunk of code with some brief explanation?


Hi Jelena,

I have tried to understand the requirement shared by you. It will be really appreciable if you may please elaborate your requirements in more detailed manner. Please also share the sample presentation as well to show what actually you want from Aspose.Slides to accomplish the task.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Mudassir,

Please find attached ppt with some example markers. It contains one slide that has two markers. What I need is to read these markers, and on the position of the marker I need to insert an image with an ID and width and height that are defined in the marker.
In general I need to have possibility to create these kind of markers in slide and to be able to programmatically insert images in their places with the settings from marker.