Insert Text before mergefield feature not supported?


Hello there,

In setting a merge field, I select the option to insert text before the merged field. The resulted merged field code is as follow:

MERGEFIELD Copies \b "No. of Copies: "

But the resulted merged doc doesn’t show the text.

Is this feature not supported?




Hi Ben,

That’s a correct observation. We just did not find a reason why you would need to use before text and after text in the merge field so we didn’t support it. We can support it easily if you please explain why you need it. Why don’t you put your before text outside of the mail merge field before it?


The template is a mailing label template, with something like this:

I’ve tried placing the text ‘No. of Copies’ before the merged field ‘Copies’, but this approach resulted in it being printed for empty records, hence a wastage on the labels.

Another approach is to append the text in the Stored Procedure that is used to pull out the data. But the Stored Procedure is called by other functions which doesn’t required the text.

Hence I think if it would be nice if the text can be inserted before the merged field when there is a record.



Thanks, I agree it might be useful and will do it soon.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Ben,

Aspose.Word 1.4 that supports text before and after mail merge field flags is out.