InsertHtml() with <h1> tag



We are trying to use DocumentBuilder.InsertHtml() function to insert html text with

tag, the following is our code,


Header 1


The resulted word document correctly recognized "Heading 1" style, however, we found that the style name is not exact "Heading 1", it is something like "Heading 1 + After: 14 pt", we want the style to be exactly "Heading 1", is there a way that we can achieve this?

Thank you very much.



Thanks for your request. You can use Document builder to change formatting of any node in document. See the following code snippet.

//insert HTML


Heading 1


//detect index of current paragraph

int index = builder.CurrentSection.Body.Paragraphs.IndexOf(builder.CurrentParagraph);

//move to previouse paragraph

builder.MoveToParagraph(index - 1, 0);

//clear formating of paragraph


//set "Heading 1" style for paragraph

builder.CurrentParagraph.ParagraphFormat.StyleIdentifier = StyleIdentifier.Heading1;

//return to current paragraph

builder.MoveToParagraph(index, 0);

I hope that it will help you.