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InsertImage - resulting file size is quite large

When inserting images via InsertImage (as a System.Drawing.Image object), the images make the resulting file quite large. How does Apose.Word treat these images? As a bitmap? or a JPEG?

Would it be possible to compress these image at all?

E.g. I draw a report in pdf format and the resulting file is less than 300kb. Drawing the same report in Word results in a file of nearly 900kb! Removing the images reduces the file to about 200kb.

Since we need to be able to email our reports, large documents can be a bit of an issue.

If Aspose could handle images as JPEGs, it would allow for some degree of compression. Or is there anything I can do from my side to compress the image before inserting it into my report?



Thanks for the request, you seem to be right regarding size of the file produced by Aspose.Word after inserting images… So I’m logging this for further investigation, please check back later.


We have released Aspose.Word 3.1.7.

  • Improved saving (optimized size) of raster images in DOC files. If the image original format is jpeg, it is saved as JPG. All other raster images are saved as PNG.

    Hi Dmitry

    Thank you so much for the update - it works brilliantly: the 875kb document has now been reduced to 359kb!!

    Thank you!!