Inserting a PDF to Word Document


This is the situation:

I am to append a PDF’s content to a document. I searched the API but found no references to solve my problem.

Is this possible? If its possible, can you point me how to do it, sample codes will help a lot.


Hi Oliver,

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Thanks for your inquiry. I see two ways to achieve what you need.

1. Convert PDF document into sequence of images and insert these images into the word document. You can use Aspose.Pdf.Kit to convert PDF document into Images.

You can use Aspose.Words.DocumentBuidler to insert images into the document:

2. (This option available only in .NET)Another option is converting PDF document to Word document and append this document to the existing document. You can use Aspose.Recognition to convert PDF document into Word document:

Then use Apsose.Words to append this document to the existing document:

Hope this helps.

Best regards.

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