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Inserting a Table at specific point and not overlapping text below


Hello, is there any follow up on issue PDFNET-42779 ? I need to insert a table at a specific point and have it not overlap the following text. Any possible solution would help.

Even a convoluted workaround solutions would work. I just have to be able to replace a specific textfragment with a table. That table currently overlaps anything on the page below it.



Thank you for contacting support.

We are afraid PDFNET-42779 has not been resolved yet. Please note that the PDF documents are different from other documents and existing content does not adjust the way it moves in Word documents. Moreover, Aspose.PDF API mimics the behavior of Adobe Acrobat and if you are able to achieve same requirements without overlapping existing content then please share sample files with us so that we may investigate further.


Thank you for the response. Would it be possible to convert this pdf to a word document, insert the table as a word document, and then export as a PDF? We are currently using both Aspose.pdf and Aspose.Words. I have tried this but it always exports a PDF that is damaged and cannot be opened. Any ideas on how to get this working or any potential workarounds would be appreciated.



Yes it is possible to convert the PDF to word document and then inserting the table before converting back to PDF. Thank you for raising a separate topic for that problem. We have replied you so kindly follow in respective thread.