Inserting Data Table bug

Does Aspose.Cells handle adding data tables the same way you can insert them in Excel?

In excel, you can insert a data table by selecting the range of your desired data table and then selecting Data → What-If Analysis → Data Table.

In aspose, I tried mimicking this action by selecting the top left cell of my desired data table and running the command cell.SetArrayFormula("=TABLE(C34,C35)", 5, 4);, but the result was a #NAME error.

I tried following the documentation listed here Manage formulas of Excel files|Documentation, but it didn’t seem to work.

I am afraid, the feature of adding table for what-if analysis is not supported yet. However, existing data table can be calculated if we have it in a template created by MS Excel. However, we are checking details and will get back to you with more information if available.