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Inserting html does not use formating of mergefield/ context


i am using like this.

for(int i=0;i<docmailmerragefields.Length;;i++)
if (docmailmerragefields[i].Equals(“BarcodeString”))



here bb mean documentbulider…

my probleam:
The font formatting is"Calibri" coming
instead of “TimesNewRoman”.

can you change my code in c# only please…

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Thanks for your request. As you already read in the following thread:

Starting from 9.5.0 version behavior of InsertHtml was changed. Now content inserted by Insert HTML does not inherit formatting specified in DocumentBuilder options. Whole formatting is taken from HTML snippet. If you insert HTML with no formatting specified, default formatting is used for inserted content, i.e. if font is not specified in your HTML snippet, default font will be applied (Times New Roman). If you would like that the inserted HTML inherit formatting of DocumentBuilder, you can use the code suggested in the above mentioned thread to simply specify font in your HTML.

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sorry i need code in c#please help me


Thanks for your request. You can find C# code example here:


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sorry i need in c# please help man…

i think is the solution…

case NodeType.RUN:

Run run = (Run) node;

Run defaultRun = null;

if (htmlBuilder.getCurrentNode() != null)


htmlBuilder.insertHtml(" ");

defaultRun = (Run)htmlBuilder.getCurrentNode().getPreviousSibling();


copyFormatting(builder.getFont(), run.getFont(), defaultRun != null ? defaultRun.getFont() : htmlBuilder.getFont());

if (defaultRun != null)



i need this code in c#,with my code,where i need to use this code please give complete details.....


Thanks for your request. Please see my answer here:


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