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Inserting pdf contents at field name

Hello Aspose pdf Kit Users,I am developing in java to create pdfs.I am trying to understand how to insert a pdf document in line at a named field.Not just as a insertion of the page rather a direct cut into the document format.How do you generally do this in apsose pdf?

Thanking you

Hello Andrew,

Sorry for replying you late.

I've gone through your requirement, but I still can't get, what is meant by "insert a Pdf document in line at a named field" could you please elaborate it little more, or it would be more convenient, if you could share some sample Pdf or some Image, that can help us while understanding the requirement.

Hello Nayyer, I would like to insert contents of a source pdf into a destination pdf at a position in this destination pdf and save.Like I wish to insert without special breaks or line feed or such just straight insertion of a pdf document without extra formatting performed on this insertion.I think aspose pdf elements library will let me do this.

Q.So i would perform a search with the document model texts in there sections/paragraphs/and the like to finds texts,Or would I use the pdfSearcher of pdf.kit library ?

Once I have the text perform the insertion into a section.I guess that I would have to rearrange the sections to allow new information.So I would parse the input source pdf for its information save it.I need to ask you more after you reply please to my original question.

Thank you for your response,hoping I see your reply soon.


Hello Andrew,

I am trying to understand your requirement, but I am afraid I still can't get, what exactly is your requirement. Can you please visit 161951 and see, if you are looking for something like this.

Let me share something related to Aspose.Pdf.Kit. Currently it does not allow access to Pdf contents i.e. you cannot re-arrange the sections, you can only embed new contents over the Pdf file.

Hello,yes I can see the related functionality.I am getting the understanding that working with tables could be done by building the table and searching it the modifiy it then insert into destination document.

Is this the general procedure of most of your users,to build complex tables,or document model with rules of insertion or deletion and insert this creation to destination document maybe inplace?

Thanking you


Hello Andrew,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

If you are looking for a functionality to get the table (including contents and structure) with in an existing Pdf file, modify the contents and then write the contents to another Pdf file, then I am sorry to inform you that this feature is not yet supported by Aspose.Pdf.Kit.

Currently you cannot work with Pdf contents. PdfExtractor allows you the capability to extract the contents (text, Images, attachments) of entire Pdf, as a whole.

Beside this, Aspose.Pdf.Kit offers the capability to generate the table from different data sources. For more related queries, please visit http://www.aspose.com/documentation/file-format-components/aspose.pdf.kit-for-.net-and-java/interoperate-with-database-net.html

If it does not satisfy your requirements, please elaborate more.