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Install fails on vista

Received : 2007/11/06 14:25:25
Message : I can't get any of the aspose installers to work on Vista. Vista rolls back the installation. I need to update my aspose products. Please help!

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Yes you need to upgrade the products. Currently Aspose.Pdf and Aspose.Pdf.Kit support Vista. You can download the latest version and try it. Please contact the sales department if you want to upgrade your license.

I did download the latest versions and that is what failed to install. Any suggestions?

I have just tried Aspose.Pdf 3.6.1 and Aspose.Pdf.Kit 2.6.4 and both installed well. Can you please elaborate your system and the error message?

The installer runs to almost completion (it appears) then the message
"The installer was interrupted before Aspose.Pdf could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again."

Windows Business 32-bit, Logged in as admin rights, 2 GIG RAM, Dual Core Intel processors.

I can’t reproduce this error but we will investigate this issue. I hope the following workaround can help you:

The installation problem is likely caused by User Account Control security measure. If you turn off User Account Control, the error likely to go away and it can be installed properly. However, here is another workaround that do not need you to take security risk by disabling UAC.
1.Run an elevated command prompt by right clicking on Command Prompt on Start Menu and then select “Run as Administrator”.
2.Click on Continue when User Account Control dialog prompt comes out.
3.Change directory to the folder where you put the Aspose.Pdf.msi Windows Installer Package.
Aspose.Pdf.msi to start the setup.
Aspose.Pdf installation will complete successfully.

UAC was already turned off.
Run as Administrator does not work either.
Using .bat file run as administrator with misexec /i path+aspose.pdf.msi does not work either.

All approaches give the same thing - starts installing then towards the end unwinds and gives the message.

I have to install on XP then copy the assemblies - BIG PAIN

I tested under Vista Untimate. Maybe it is caused by Business edition. We will investigate this issue further.