Installation Aspose.Cells in Vista

I'm new to Aspose, and I'm trying to install Cell for Net in Vista.

I'm installed .Net Framework 1.1 with SP1 but Cell does'n install.

What is the way to install, or where can I download directly the latest dll to avoid le msi ?

Thanks in advance



Which version of Aspose.Cells you are trying to install. Kindly try the latest Aspose.Cells (4.4.1) msi installer

it should install fine on Windows Vista. Here is some referenece link if you face some problems installing the component on Vista:

If you still find the problem, could you give us error details and we will check it soon.

I am also attaching the lastest ( dll version of the component Aspose.Cells.dll. you may simply copy it to your specified folder and use it in your project after adding reference to it.

Thank you.

Hi Amjad,

Thanks for your answer.

I'm using the latest build of Aspose.Cells. The problem is not vista, is the request for .Net Framework 1.1.4322, wich I installed but Aspose.Cells doesn't found. May be is because I have a 64bits computer, but I can't found a way to bypass the .Net Framework request.

Any idea ?