Installation problem(Windows 2000 Server)


We finished testing a PC with Windows 2003 Server quite successfully.

However, we failed with Windows 2000 Server, though it is said to be supported on your website.

Can you help us with this ASAP?

I added you in my MSN messenger list, my e-mail address is


It must be a config problem.

Please tell me the following information:

1. Is Aspose.Excel used in a web application or a winform application?

2. Has your win2000 server installed all windows patches?

3. What's the detail error message?

Thank you.


- The error message says it cannot find the license file.

Dim license As license = New license

We're experiencing the same error (Cannot find license 'Aspose.Excel.lic.xml'. ) when we deploy to a production server. It runs fine when it's on our Development and QA servers.

The license file (Aspose.Excel.lic.xml), the component (Aspose.Excel.dll) and the calling assembly are all located in the \bin folder of the ASP.NET application.


- The webserver has been updated with the latest patches.

- Please let us know what kind of config problem you mean.


Please grant read access right for aspnet user to \bin folder.

If you cannot figure it out, you can include Aspose.Excel.lic.xml file in your project as embedded resource. Then you don't need to care about the license file deployment issue. You can check for reference.