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Installing Aspose Total.net

How do you install Aspose Total.net? How do you move code developed between a development, test, and production environment? Is there installation documentation somewhere?


Please see https://products.aspose.com/total/net/ and https://products.aspose.com/total/java/.

But does it get installed on a server or on the developer’s workstation? And if it gets installed on a server, what are the requirements, i.e. IIS, etc.

Dear Mike,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Well, Aspose.Total for .NET is a suite of all .NET components offered by Aspose. All of our components are in the form of DLLs. For example, Aspose.Words.dll contains all features of Aspose.Words. Nothing more is required.

  • When your developers will develop any application (Desktop or Web), they will just install Aspose.Total (all or desired Aspose components) on their machines and use our components in their applications.
  • When you need to deploy or move your application (code) on another machine (any server or workstation), they will just copy/paste their code on other machine.
  • Whether your developers are making a Desktop or Web application, they would have already added the references (DLLs) of our components in their projects. So, when they will copy/paste their code on other machines, our components will also be deployed with the application.
  • In short, there won’t be any need to install Aspose.Total again on other machines (servers etc.).

Regarding requirements, the only requirement of Aspose.Total for .NET is Microsoft .NET Framework since it’s a suite of .NET components. There is not any other requirement for our components. However, if you are developing an ASP.NET application then actually it would be the requirement of your application to have IIS running on the server.

I hope, it would help.

Please feel free to contact me, if i can be of any help.

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Are the .dlls self-registering, or do they need to be registered on the server you deploy to?


You don't need to register them unless you plan to use it in ASP applications.

For a .NET (including ASP.NET), you just add a reference in your project and make sure you copy these dlls along with other binary files of your project to the server.