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Installing AsposeBarCode when using .Net Framework 2.0


We have been using AsposeWord for nearly 6 months (Great Product !!) now we want to integrate barcodes into the auto generated documents as identifiers for scanning and archiving. When I attempt to install the AsposeBar Codes Version 1.3 the installer asks for .Net framework version 1.1.4322 and discontinues the install ( I am currently running .Net framework 2.0) which poses the following questions: 1) Is AsposeBarCode compatible with the most recent versions of .Net Framework? and 2) is there a workaround to getting AsposeBarCode Installed and running promptly. Originally, I had the same problem with AsposeWord but they used a hot fix but took more than a week to accomplish this, I hoping to get it up and running ASAP to try it with the New Scanning / OCR document management solution. I was unable to locate this information on the forum. I look forward to your reply and next steps.

Thanks is advance,



Thanks for your post.

Aspose.Barcode is compatible with .net 2.0 and 1.1.

It seems the setup package makes something wrong. The dll can work fine. We are fixing this problem, and back to you as soon as possible.

However, you can download the latest hotfix dll from the link:


Thanks Kyle,

I got the dll loaded and installed for ASP.Net applications using MS visual web developer 2005 express addition .

Is there a preferred barcode to use versus other in terms of time required generating the barcode and robustness when scanning the barcode in?



Hi, Randel,

Thanks for your post.

Generally speaking, Code128 could be a good choice, which will provide higher accept rate compared with other linear barcode symbologies.