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Installing into Delphi 2005 using with VCL Forms application (version evaluation)


Is it possible to install the component into Delphi 2005 and used it in a VCL Forms application?
I have tried to import the dll as a .NET assembly but it was not added to the component pallette.


Hi Tony,

Aspose.Excel can surely work along with Delphi 2005, like any other C# librarys.

Aspose.Excel is a class library and it is not designed as a component. It can not be added to the toolbox palette in Visual Studio .NET too.

In Visual Studio .NET, we usually us Aspose.Excel with the following steps:

1. Create a project.
2. Add a reference to Aspose.Excel.dll.
3. Import the Aspose.Excel namespace using the “using” clause.
4. Now all classes in the Aspose.Excel library is visible and can be used freely.

I am not familiar with Delphi 2005 and I can not give more useful advices. Maybe you can try to use it in a similar way.