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Integrating 2 projects


I’m working with a colleague on a project. We both have development licences on our seperate pcs, but when we integrated the 2 parts of the same project on 1 development pc the sheet with the aspose disclaimer shows up when downloading an excel file from the code added from the 2nd development pc.

The project has 2 parts using aspose excel:

(1.) In the main project
(2.) In a webservice which is called from the main project.

(2.) is on the pc integrating to and works fine
(1.) is on the pc integrating from and has the problem

Please advise how we can sort this out.

When you integrate your two projects, please make sure these two projects use the same license file in this integration pc.

They both use the same licence file which was registered for the integration pc.

Could you tell me how you set the license? Please post your license setting code in these two projects. Thanks.

Oh you can choose one of Live support at to talk to me.

Hi Laurence,

This follows from my earlier question. As the project has 2 dll’s which call Aspose.Excel, do I just register twice to get a licence file for each of the dll’s?


Hi anders,

Sorry if I’m too late.

1. Your Order ID is 040608055459. Please always quote it when you need licensing support.

2. For development purpose, both dlls can have the same development license that is created based on the integration development machine.

3. For deployment purpose, both dlls need separate deployment license that is created based on its own assembly info.