Integration with Miraplacid Text Printer driver

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Got a question regarding the mechanism of how Aspose.Words send a print job to a particular printer.

Currently our company is using a printer-driver called Miraplacid to perform Word-to-Text w/ Layout conversion. When this printer driver is installed, we can open a Word-Document (doc or docx) using MS-Word API and send a print command, of which the printer-driver would then produce a text file containing the content of the word document with the layout preserved.

I tried performing the same logic on Aspose.Words by calling the Print method on the Document class, it send a print job, but the output differs significantly than the one sent through Ms-Word API.

Does anybody happen to know if there is any difference in term of how the print job got spooled?

I have attached the word document and the output text files(one using MS - Word API and one using Aspose.Words API)


Thanks for your inquiry. Aspose.Words uses our own Rendering Engine to build layout of the document and send it to printer. That is why you can notice a slight difference between documents printed by Aspose.Words and MS Word.
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Hi there,
Thanks for your inquiry.
Please note that you can directly save a word document loaded into Aspose.Words to plain text by calling the Document.Save method and specifying a filename with a “.txt” extension.
You can find further details on this page here.