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Internal library error- template is broken


I’m using aspose.slide(the latest version aspose-slides-2.7.0-java) with jre 1.6 and when i want to create a new presentation using this code “Presentation ppt = new Presentation();” i got the following exception : com.aspose.slides.PptReadException: Internal library error. Template is broken.

Any suggestions pleaz?

Hi Chouaib,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides.

Please try using Aspose.Slides for Java 2.8.0 shared in the Jar Files.rar inside attachments of this link. Please use all the Jar files shared and if there is still an issue then kindly share the source presentation and code snippet used with us for further investigation.

Many Thanks,

Hi Mudassir,

I’m using aspose 2.8, but i still have the same problem.

I got the following exception when i try to export a ppt file from my application :

Exception in 682 Dispatch Macro Invoking Export to PowerPoint.Implementation.OnWizTerminate
java Exception invoking com.aspose.slides.Presentation. line 537
from ma.mega.modeling.ppt.export.ExportToPowerPoint.createAndSavePresentation line 350
from ma.mega.modeling.ppt.export.ExecuteMetaWizard.OnWizTerminate line 71
from com.mega.mod : com.aspose.slides.PptReadException: Internal library error. Template is broken.

My source code is :

void createAndSavePresentation(final MegaObject myMegaObject, final String fileName) throws IOException {
//Create a ppt file

Presentation pptFile = new Presentation();
// pptFile.setSlideSize(new Point(ExportToPowerPoint._WIDTH_PPT_DIAGRAM + 2500, 4500));

//Get the meta association end between diagramm and my Mega Object

//Get the object diagram from the mega object
this.getDiagramFromMegaObject(myMegaObject, pptFile, null);

//Create hyperlinks between slides
this.createHyperlinks(myMegaObject, pptFile);

//Add summary to the first silde
Rectangle rec = pptFile.getSlideByPosition(1).getShapes().addRectangle(150, 750, 5400, 3500);
rec.addTextFrame(this.getTitles(this.titles.get(0), “1”));

//Get all summary titles from the rectangle
TextFrame tfSummary = rec.getTextFrame();


//Get Summary titles
int index = 0;
int i = 0;
for (String slideTitle : this.getTitles(this.titles.get(0), “1”).split("\n")) {
//Link each summary title to its slide diagram
Link lnk = tfSummary.getLinks().addLink();
index += slideTitle.length() + 1;
lnk.setEnd(lnk.getBegin() + slideTitle.length());

//Adding Title with textframe
Rectangle rect = pptFile.getSlideByPosition(1).getShapes().addRectangle(632, 184, 4296, 520);
TextFrame tf = rect.addTextFrame(myMegaObject.getProp(GenericObject.MA_ShortName));

//Center align it

//Set formatting
Portion port = tf.getParagraphs().get(0).getPortions().get(0);

//To set font height
port.setFontHeight((short) 30);

//To set font
FontEntity newFont = new FontEntity(pptFile, pptFile.getFonts().get(0));
newFont.setFontName(“Comic Sans MS”);
int newFontIdx = pptFile.getFonts().add(newFont);

//To set color

//Save the ppt file

Thanks for help.

Best Regards .


Hi Chouaib,

I have observed the code snippet shared by you and request you to share the complete working example with us so that I may reproduce the issue on my end. What I have observed from stack trace is that issue lies in calling one of your custom methods involving com.mega.mod. You may independently, verify Aspose.Slides for Java without this and will observe that things are fine. I will await further response from your end.

Many Thanks,

Hi Mudassir,

Yes I know that aspose work correctly out of our application, but when i debug, i find that the
exception is occured when i instantiate the class Presentation, in this line :

Presentation pptFile = new Presentation();

I will still seek the source of problem

Thanks mudassir for your help and suggestion