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Invalid Characters in the message using Outlook SP3


We get a problem since we introduce the SP3 of Outlook. The process is looking at the mail in the inbox and upload it to Sharepoint. But if a mail is sent using Outlook SP3, and the email contains special characters like accents in French, in the body, subject and in the name of the attachments, Aspose cannot read it. The exception throwed is

An invalid character was found in the mail header

at œ.š.e(String , StringBuilder )
at Aspose.Email.Mime.ContentDisposition.ToString()
at .”™.™™(Object )
at Aspose.Email.Mime.HeaderCollection.(ArrayList )
at Aspose.Email.Mime.HeaderCollection.(String )
at œ..‡(HeaderCollection )
at ..Send( , Boolean )
at ..Send( , Boolean )
at Aspose.Email.Mail.Message.Send( , Boolean )
at Aspose.Email.Mail.MailMessage.Save(Stream stream)
at Aspose.Email.Exchange.ExchangeWebServiceClient.SaveMessage(String messageUri, Stream stream)
at Aspose.Email.Exchange.ExchangeWebServiceClient.FetchMessage(String messageUri)
at MSGMessanger.MapiReader.CheckMailbox(IncomingSharepoint incoming, MailboxBoxInfo emailInfo)

A way to fix it is to forward the message to itself using a Outlook SP2. But this solution need manual intervention.

Is there a way to fix it using Aspose?



Hi Remo,

Thanks for writing to Aspose.Email support team.

I have analyzed the information and afraid to inform that I could not re-produce the issue here. I need more assistance and request you to send us a sample email file along with some sample code as it will help us to analyze the whole scenario and assist you as soon as possible.