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Invalid fomula with parenthesis

invalid formula "=IF(AK2="Criteria",AA2 & "(my text)",AA2)"

However, I can place this formula into excel, and it works just fine:

=IF(AK2="Criteria",AA2 & "(my text)",AA2)

It seems that if I take out the parenthises, it works fine. Is there a way to escape the parenthesis?

Are you using Aspose.Cells for .NET or Aspose.Cells for Java? If you are using .NET version, please try this attached version.

I am using Aspose.Excel.dll for .net - Will this file be compatible with what I have?

Generally you have to do to following things for upgrade:

1. Change using namespace from "using Aspose.Excel;" to "using Aspose.Cells".

2. Change Excel class to Workbook class.