Invalid font names

Hi, can you look at the attached document. I am getting invalid font name on Run.
Here is the code snippet:

InputStream inputStream = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(testDoc);
Document document = new Document(inputStream);
DocumentBuilder builder = new DocumentBuilder(document);
Node node = getCell(document).getNode();
Run run = (Run)node;
out.println(run.getFont().getName()); // returns Wingdings
out.println(builder.getFont().getName()); // returns Wingdings
private NodeWrapper getCell(Document document) throws Exception {
    final NodeWrapper nodeWrapper = new NodeWrapper();

    document.accept(new DocumentVisitor()
        private boolean found = false;

        public int visitRun(Run arg0) throws Exception
            String runText = arg0.getText();
            if (runText.contains(String.valueOf('\uF06F')) && !found) {
                found = true;
            return super.visitRun(arg0);
    return nodeWrapper;

You can see that returned font names are Wingdings, but in word document they are Arial.

Thanks, Ivica.

Thanks for your request. In your document you have symbols “o”. Font of this symbol is “Wingdings”. Just double click on this symbol and you will see that.
Best regards.