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Invalid formula: 0 + Sheet Link


I put a formula into a cell. If this contains only a reference to another sheet, it works. But if I add a leading zero to it, and sum it up, I got an exception:

sheet.Cells[string.Format(“P{0}”, targetRow)].Formula = “=‘FS021-A (BdE)’!L10”; // works
sheet.Cells[string.Format(“P{0}”, targetRow)].Formula = “=‘FS021-A (BdE)’!L10 + 0” // works

But this works not:
Invalid formula:"=0+‘FS021-A (BdE)’!L10+0".

Need help,
thanks Michael

This doesn’t work either:

Invalid formula:"=‘FS021-A (BdE)’!L12+‘FS021-A (BdE)’!L15+‘FS021-A (BdE)’!L19".

Please try this attached fix.

thanks for your fix - now it’s working. Is this going to be a normal dll version / release? Or do I need to wait for the next release?

thank you