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Invalid formula error when using IF

I get an Invalid formula error when using the following formula: =IF(K2=0;0;L2/K2).

IF should be supported and the formula I’m using isn’t too complicated… What could go wrong?

The problem is not caused by IF function. You have to set formula string same as in MS Excel. Please change it to “=IF(K2=0, 0, L2/K2)”.


FYI: my MS Office 2003 Excel does show a semicolon instead of a comma in the formula… very weird. But When I use a comma in my code everthing works fine :slight_smile: Thanks again…

I think you change the list delimiter from comma to semicolon in your machine. This setting can be changed in cusotmerize area options in the control panel.

Anyway, please use commas in the formulas.